Our Australian Kelpies are bred to work all breeds of livestock. They have natural herding ability with a strong desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament and wonderful personality. With their natural herding ability, there is no need to "train" them to work livestock (they have the desire), "management" is the only thing needed to ensure that they understand what the handler wants and needs of them. Their superior intelligence makes them easy to handle and manage.


Our puppies start showing a desire to herd when they are around 8 weeks of age.

Starting out, we make sure the pup has a solid foundation for this will be the foundation his entire working career is based on in the future.

We make sure the pup wins at every task we ask of him. This builds confidence and a good strong foundation. We start our pups learning commands that they will need for later in their working career.


They are allowed in the house and are a part of the family. 

They are socialized everyday with other dogs and the livestock. They are able to see, hear, smell and interact with the livestock --- though never being put in harms way.

Once they start showing interest in working, we start letting them work in a controlled environment. Still, we go to great lengths to make sure the pup wins at every angle. We want to make sure the pup *thinks* he's the one moving the stock, even if we are the factor behind the movement.

As the pup gains confidence and matures mentally and physically, we ask more and more of him --- making sure he is never placed in a position of being hurt, getting overly tired, or frustrated.


Kelpie Coat Color


All Kelpies are registered with the North American

Australian Kelpie Registry, Inc. (NAAKR, Inc.) 


Our Ethics

All of our dogs are fed quality food. Their vaccinations are kept up to date. They are administered "Interceptor" (heart worm preventative) once a month. We exercise them everyday. During the summer, they swim on a daily basis to help keep them in shape both physically and mentally. They are our companions as well as working dogs.

Our puppies are socialized and raised with love. I guarantee our pups will work, if given the opportunity and raised and handled properly. We always make sure our pups win at everything, for this builds confidence. They are genetically bred for natural herding ability, so there is no need for harsh words or a heavy hand. They only need to be managed in a way as to show them what the handler expects and wants.




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