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Heel Nippin' Gates

Jambo Cleet X Eon Axis

Whelped 08/25/02, vaccinated and on a regular deworming schedule. NAAKR registered.

As a pup, Gates was tested on gentle goats. He showed desire to work, along with a "no holds barred" attitude. He doesn't like to quit.

Gates is showing lots of natural instinct when working. He has lots of bite and a willingness to please.

Eon Axis

Axis is a black/tan female by *Winona Ron II, out of Urricelqui's Ricochet. She comes from strong cattle working lines and shows the same intensity while working. She would work all day and never complain. She has patience and knows exactly how much pressure to exert on the livestock to maintain control at all times. Her pups started showing interest in goats at 8 wks old. They have no fear and are willing to take on anything that comes their way.



Cider is a strong heading dog. He is a cream color with white (a mis-marked color) and "saddle" markings. He is currently in training.


This photo was taken 07/01/03. Kirby is showing to be an intense worker. He has natural ability and will bite if necessary.


Heel Nippin' Reggie X Eon Mala in seWhelped 09/08/02


Heel Nippin' Cricket

She is proving to be a stylish worker. She is an intense herding dog and will bite. She will make a good trial or ranch dog.

Heel Nippin' Oliver

Oliver has a strong desire to herd. He will bite the head or heels. With experience and a good handler, he'll make a nice stock dog.



Heel Nippin' Theo

He has a no-quit attitude and is very biddable. He'll bite the head as well as the heels. Theo listens and is willing to try any task set before him. His intelligence is overwhelming.


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