Kelpie History in Brief


The Working Kelpie is a herding breed that originated in Australia in the mid 1800's. It must be stressed that the Kelpie breed was NOT formed from Border Collies. In fact, the Border Collie was not formed until some time after the Kelpie was well established. The two breeds, however; were both formed by mixing different strains of working Colleys in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland and developing them to suit the needs of the situation. The Dingo is also thought to have played a part in some of the early development by a lot of breeders at a later stage. The breed of the Kelpie was then developed from a number of different strains of good dogs especially for Australian conditions and Australian methods of handling sheep and stock and is an entirely Australian breed.


It is the versatility of the Working Kelpie, their extraordinary athletic ability, and an extremely high level of intelligence that make these dogs an excellent choice for working all breeds of livestock. It is not their nature to be aggressive and many make fine working companions. Although they are aloof with strangers, they do not make good guard dogs.

Jambo Cleet (Jambo Latigo x Jambo Jo)


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