HNR Dams


R/Bred Heel Nippin' Mikey

Mikey is a black/tan female by Doss-Tex Mr. T, out of Ripley. Mikey is a natural header. Her pups have shown natural herding instinct with a desire to work.






Eon Axis

Axis is a black/tan female by *Winona Ron II, out of Urricelqui's Ricochet. She comes from strong cattle working lines and shows the same intensity while working. She would work all day and never complain. She has patience and knows exactly how much pressure to exert on the livestock to maintain control at all times. Her pups started showing interest in goats at 8 wks old. They have no fear and are willing to take on anything that comes their way.



Eon Mala in se

"Eddie" is a black/tan female by *Winona Ron II, out of Winona Jill XIII. She is coming along nicely in her handling. She is patient and uses good judgement and control when moving young stock.

Eon M'Naughten Rule

"Artie" is a red/tan female by *Winona Ron II, out of Winona Jill XIII. Artie is a workaholic. She would rather work than do anything. She is showing promise and continues to improve.


Top of the Rock TC

"Lena" is a black/tan female by Top of the Rock Oscar, out of Cozart's Konnie Kookie. She was not raised in the best of conditions and came to us as an adult. She had been kept on hail-screen wire the year before she came to us. Living in a small kennel, off the ground, on hale screen -- her tendons, ligaments, and muscles were suffering from atrophy. Although, she has made a tremendous recovery, she will never reach her potential. She comes from strong working genetics and will pass those onto her offspring. She has strong desire and shows natural herding instinct. She is willing to try any task that is set before her.

J&B's Sammy

Sammy is a black/tan female by Rogue's Tuff, out of Doss-Tex Duster. Sammy has a strong desire to work and lots of natural instinct. Her intelligence is overwhelming with a wonderful temperment. She is young and is really going to make a nice working dog. She may be bred in 2004.








Doss-Tex Karra-Speed Dial

"Creamy" is a cream female by *Karrawarra Speed, out of Doss-Tex Paige. She is a tireless worker and is always willing to go some more. She can bring the stock off of the fence with ease. She is a young bitch and gets better everyday. She may be bred in 2004.


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