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Working Kelpie Photo Album

Working Kelpie Photos

Alice Su 2003 Calendar Cover Sagebrush's Kay, 1988 Blue/tan Sagebrush's Hipshot daughter.

CLK Crow, 1998 Black/tan male bred and owned by Kelly Orr.  Sire: Deerwood's Ace of Spades x Dam: Triple S BB Lace.


Buchanan US Lindy, circa 1990 Black/tan female bred and owned by Roy Cox, *S/Bred Stanton's Fred x *Winona Marie.

Farnham's Reddy for Anything, 1998 Red/tan male bred by Jim Farnham, owned by Susan Clark.  Doss-Tex Rambo x La Prele A Busy B.


La Prele T Perch, 1993 Black/tan female bred by Richard and Edna Grabow.  Gold Star Red Sunrise x Chuckanut Black Sasha.

CLK Dos, 2000 Black/tan female bred and owned by Kelly Orr.  Wind River's Augustus McCrae x Triple S BB Lace.


Urricelqui's Bullet, 1991 Black/tan male owned by Roger Urricelqui.  Faught's Tex x Rose River Pistol.

Laprele X Slingshot, 1994 Red/tan male bred by Richard and Edna Grabow.  Gold Star Red Sunrise x Sagebrush's Blue Lady.


Hamersley's Keeper, 1997 Red/tan male.  Buchanan US Jake x McManus' Pistol Too.

HNR Black/tan puppy at 7 weeks of age.


HNR Black/tan puppy at 4 weeks of age.

HNR pups waiting to see "mom" 7 weeks of age.


Above left, HNR puppy stalking littermate at 4 weeks and above right, "stalking" goats at 11 weeks.

Photographs of NAAKR registered dogs.


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