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Working Kelpie

Working Kelpie

The Working Kelpie originated around 1870, playing a major role in the development of the sheep and wool industry in Australia.  Descended from the British "working coley" (an origin shared with the Border Collie), the

Kelpie was bred to handle the harsh, hot landscape, extensive acreage, and unruly Merino sheep.  Bred for the harsh conditions of Australia, the Working Kelpie, being a "natural" dog, has acclimated well to all climates and terrain in North America.

 Not a Rare Breed

In North America the Working Kelpie has been used and raised as a working livestock dog. The Working Kelpie has not carried a high visibility profile in North America as it has been used and bred almost exclusively in working environments in the United States and Canada for close to, or more than, 80 years. While some may believe this is a "rare" breed, it is not. With thousands of Kelpies going to work each day in Australia and several thousand here in North America we find it unusual that anyone would consider them "rare."

 Born to Work

The Working Kelpie is a dog bred and born with purpose - to work.  Ranchers and farmers in North America have found them well-suited to most livestock working situations.  The Working Kelpie has been in North American since around the turn of the century.

These dogs were brought to this continent to expedite livestock handling in the livestock industry.  They could be found in sheep and later on, cattle working environments.  On ranches here in North America, as in the Australian bush, the Working Kelpie often works unsupervised, relying on their own wits to find and gather livestock.  The Working Kelpie is a keen, active dog always ready to work.

Cattle-Working Characteristics

In the last decade or more, many North America breeders have been selecting for strong cattle-working characteristics as this is the primary livestock industry.  It goes without saying, however, the Working Kelpie is certainly the stock dog of choice in all livestock situations.

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