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Denise brings to this profession over 30 years of bio-mechanic experience in both the human and equine anatomies. Her career as a farrier has given her insight into bio-mechanics, proprioception (body part awareness and motions of muscles and joints), balance to optimize individual performance and health.

As a competitor in barrel racing along with her calf-roping, bulldogging family, she has learned how to professionally treat and care for the equine athlete to enhance performance and health.


She graduated with top honors in her class from the Academy Massage Therapy. Additionally she has been involved with the Options for Animals and American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for over twelve years. She is an AVCA lifetime associate member.  She is an Equissage Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.  Denise is a Herbalife Distributor.



Left - Denise onTwister, a horse she bred, raised and trained.  Above - Working on a regular at one of the dog training centers that have her scheduled regularly.



Denise with her son, JW Bever

of Owasso, Oklahoma

Denise has a busy human and animal massage therapy practice in Iowa.

Hands-on Clinics are also available to the dog or horse owner who wants to learn more about caring for and keeping their animals in tiptop condition.



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