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Working Kelpie

The Working Kelpie is a dog bred and born with purpose - to work.

Ranchers and farmers in North America have found them well-suited to most livestock working situations.  The Working Kelpie has been in North American since shortly after the turn of the century.  These dogs were brought to this continent to expedite livestock handling in the livestock industry.  They could be found in sheep and later on, cattle working environments.  On ranches here in North America, as in the Australian bush, the Working Kelpie often works unsupervised, relying on their own wits to find and gather livestock.  The Working Kelpie is a keen, active dog always ready to work.

Description / Color

The Working Kelpie here in North America does come in both the tan markings and solid colors though the with tan markings seem to predominate in the NAAKR, Inc. registered dogs.  Colors, other than black, may vary from light to dark versions of that color.

Minimal white markings such as a spot, stripe or at most a blaze on the chest are preferred. The general appearance of the Working Australian Kelpie is that of a lithe, active dog showing hard muscular condition, conveying the capability of untiring work.  Movement and action shall be smooth and effortless, with a good length of stride.


Breeders are the determiners of the breed.  These are the people responsible for maintaining and preserving the Australian Working Kelpie.  The breeder is the mainstay of the breed - the preserver of breed characteristics, conformation and overall health.  Without the breeder, there would be no Australian Kelpies.

The Registry

The North American Australian Kelpie Registry, Inc. (NAAKR, Inc.) was established in April 1991.  The Registry was created to preserve and maintain pedigrees and records of the Working Australian Kelpie in North America.  The Registry urges breeders and owners of the Working Australian Kelpie to maintain breed integrity by preserving the natural working ability, purpose, conformation, temperament and overall good health.

Happenings and Events

Carl Larsen Stock Dog Clinic April 17th

Goldthwaite, Texas, for more information contact the Larsens at 325-948-3275

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