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Chris Stapleton Seminar & Stockdog Clinic

July 1 - 4, 2004

12th Annual Stock Training Clinic and 8th Annual Livestock Handling Clinic

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Susan Thorp


1959 Highway #63, New Sharon, Iowa, 50207

What is the Australian Fund?

The Australian Fund was started in 1992 to provide stock dog clinics and seminars to farmers, ranchers, and city herding enthusiasts to increase their understanding and ability to use their dogs with livestock safely, humanely, and effectively.  The proceeds from these clinics are used to bring renown Australian stockmen and dog handlers over to the United States to educate the Australian Fund participants and clinic attendees on the training, breeding and use of stock dogs and stockmanship.  Family involvement is stressed in these clinics by inviting both the Australian Clinician and his family.

The participating American clinicians that have and currently donate their time and expertise to these clinics are Ben Means, Larry Painter, Nyle Sealine, Vern Thorp and Bob Vest.  Windrush Farms provides the facilities and livestock at no cost.  Clinic participants over the years have not only supported these clinics financially but have volunteered their time, energy and labor to set up clinic areas, help with livestock, help with necessary paperwork, tear down clinic areas, and help with clean up.

The Australian Fund is not a club.  those individuals who have supported the clinics the longest have the first opportunity to sign up for all clinics sponsored by the Fund. A list is maintained with each year's attendance of all clinic participants.  clinic mailings are based on this list and sent accordingly.  It is the clinic participant's responsibility to immediately return his/her registration form to insure his/her clinic participation.  If a clinic becomes filled, a waiting list is maintained.  If an opening occurs, it is filled from the waiting list.

Because of the support of the clinicians and participants the following Australians have been able to come to the United States to share their knowledge with all of us.
  • 1994 - John and Joy White, Nyngan, New South Wales
  • 1996 - Greg and Jan Prince, Dubbo, New South Wales
  • 1997 - Chris and Pauline Stapleton, Burraga, New South Wales
  • 1999 - Gary and Angie White, Nyngan, New South Wales
  • 2000 - Chris and Pauling Stapleton, Burraga, New South Wales
  • 2001 - Kevin and Kay Howell, Eugowra, New South Wales
  • 2002 - Chris and Pauline Stapleton, Burraga, New South Wales
  • 2003 - Jim and Jan Luce, Bungonia, New South Wales
  • 2004 - Chris and Pauline Stapleton, Burraga, New South Wales