In Memory of James N. Farnham, Died March 17, 2009

James N. Farnham, a true cowboy and gentleman, lived on the ranch all his life.  Jim was born in Portersville, California.  He grew up on cattle ranches in New Mexico and California.  He ranched in California during the 1940's through 1970's running cattle by himself with working dogs.  His first purebred Kelpie came in 1965.

Jim was highly recognized in the embryo transplant industry.  He developed his expertise in this area during the 1980's and 1990's, then living in Arizona. He "retired" in 1997.  Retirement meant devoting all his time and energies to producing top working Australian Kelpies with an emphasis on cattle.

 Jim Farnham, November 2006 - Darlene Sanborn, Jim with Leslie Means (right) in Scottsdale,


Jim trained and handled dogs for himself and the public.  He was always ready to offer a hand to those wishing to know more about the Working Kelpie, herding dogs in general and their training.


Farnham's Reddy for Anything at 2 years old.

Reddy, owned by Susan Clark, is a full brother to Chile.

Jim Farnham was cared for by Darlene and Jerry Sanborn, Arizona and by his nephew and niece, Mike and Teri Foreman, California.  Please note the photos at the bottom of this page.  That's "Buffalo Jim" on the left and Jim, the "Marlboro Man" on the right.  Jim was only 17 years old and had to have a signed release from his mother to ride the buffalo.  Anyone who rode the buffalo received a paycheck from the rodeo company.  Jim got 'em rode.  The "Marlboro Man" photo shoot was in the 1970's on Jim's California ranch, his gear, his horse and his own 'brand' of cigarette (not a Marlboro). The shoot lasted 10 hours.  The "Marlboro" photo is taken from a magazine ad.  Jim said the advertisement was also seen on billboards, in addition to magazines.  I believe some of the billboards we up until the late 1990's.

California and Arizona

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Posted June 20, 2000

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